Lipton The Way of the Brisk Chuck Liddell Commercial

A stop-motion animation commercial of Lipton's The Way of the Brisk with Chuck Liddell.

The Way of the Brisk | Lipton/ Funny or Die

In the summer of 2007, we set out to make "The Way of the Brisk" starring MMA Champion Chuck Liddell. It was to be the most epic stop motion animated commercial in history. But the entire production collapsed when the puppeteer who created Tiny Chuck foolishly attached his powerful puppet fists before inserting his tiny puppet brain, with disastrous results. This is the untold story of the story that was never told.

Agency: Real Branding
Client : Lipton Brisk
Directors: Jeff Marks, Adam Elend


Production company: Bright Red Pixels for Funny or Die
Producer: Scott Solary
Animation Director: Tatia Rosenthal
Animators: Tatia Rosenthal, David Bell
Puppet sculpt by: David Bell
Armature: John Wright
Skull Mechanism: Ron Cole
DP: Scott Colthorp
Animation DP: Burke Heffner