About Big Object Studio

Big Object Studio specializes in stop-motion animation, puppet fabrication, miniature and full-sized set design, high-speed photography and product shoots.


Founded by David Bell and Joe Scarpulla, Big Object is a New York-based animation company in north Brooklyn. We are a partnership built on over a decade of collaboration on projects large and small, including films, music videos, documentaries, and commercials where stop-motion animation and miniatures are our expertise. We have a passion for bringing fabricated worlds to life through our craftsmanship, storytelling, and animation.

Many of our projects are directed and produced entirely in-house, and some are collaborations with other directors and production companies to facilitate the animated aspects of their work. We’d love to work with you in either capacity!

Every production has its own unique challenges. Our frequent collaborators includes highly talented animators, sculptors, graphic designers, food stylists, prop-makers, camera crews, and production staff who we work with time and time again. We assemble each team to fit the work, and this gives us the flexibility to manage both large and small productions.

Send us a note! We’d love to talk to you about bringing your project to life.


  • Full production services for animation and live action projects

  • Studio space for tabletop photography and stop-motion animation

  • Stop-motion camera package

  • Lighting and grip package

  • Motion control sliders and camera support

  • Specialized rigging for animation, tabletop, and high-speed photography

  • Fabrication workshop


  • Animation directing

  • Creative direction/ Design/ Concept art

  • Storyboards and Animatics

  • Miniature and life-sized set fabrication

  • Puppet design and fabrication

  • Prop-making

  • 3D modeling

  • Laser cutting

  • 3D printing

  • Animatronics

  • Rod-puppetry